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Event Planning

Events give your organization opportunities

to touch every attendee in a personal way.

Their experiences become part of your culture.

We want to be your conference/events partner. We strive for the experience to leave you with long-lasting and meaningful experiences.


Event planning can be a complicated process, which is why experienced and knowledgeable event planners are essential. While we’re excellent designers, we’re just as proud of our behind-the-scenes planning as we are of our event design.

If you’re looking for a professional, experienced, and connected group to plan and produce your event, give us a call today.

Event Planning and Production

We always take the time to understand your company’s mission, culture, and vision. Our goal is to plan an event that is not only dynamic and productive, but that reflects your style - while always keeping your specific needs and budget in mind. We work side-by- side with you during every step of event planning and production, taking a hands-on approach during the planning process, from brainstorming ideas to final tear down. 

Event Design and Themed Events

Event design is where you can let your creativity and personality shine. We see every event space as a blank canvas, ready to be transformed into something magnificent. 

We love bringing all kinds of themes to life. We can roll out the red carpet for a glam night in old Hollywood, host a Roaring ‘20’s party, dazzle with a modern and sophisticated awards ceremony, and more. We love coming up with new themes and ideas- your imagination is the limit. No matter the theme, we can’t wait to bring your event to life.

Event Entertainment

Fun and unique entertainment can take an event from good to spectacular. We can source talented actors, speakers, and performers who will dazzle and entertain. There are incredible entertainment options available for all types of events and conferences, whether you’re looking for living statues, mimes, dancers, acrobats, and of course… music! 

We truly believe that no event is complete without music. Music sets the mood for an event, whether you envision elegant melodies during dinner or a cover band that keeps people dancing all night long. No matter what you’re looking for, we will find the perfect music for your event.

Media Production

Successful media needs to engage your audience; it’s essential to have a clear, concise message. Long before the first shutter is clicked or frame edited, we will work with you to plan your best course of action.

We’ll help determine the most effective use of your media budget, and our team will make sure we have a clear understanding of your event and the end results you desire.
We use photographers, videographers, and editors - creative professionals - to achieve your goals.

Transportation and Logistics

The first and last contact guests have is with transportation; it’s your chance to make a great first impression and leave a lasting positive impact on your guests. Getting it right is essential. 

Logistics are the backbone of a successful event. It takes more than a fun theme and creative ideas to run an event.

As problem-solvers we are experienced in resolving issues before they become major problems. We carefully plan every detail (often down to the minute!) so that our clients and guests can enjoy a seamless and fun event without worry. Relax - we’ve got you covered.

Off-Site Experiences

Whether you prefer activities packed with adventure, culture, history, or a little bit of everything, we have something for everyone. We’ll show you and your guests a real experience that you’ll never forget!

Food is one of the best ways to experience a new place, whether you’re looking for an elaborate meal or something more informal. We can plan an offsite dining experience that features exactly what you are looking for, whether that is an unforgettable meal at an exciting venue, or an intimate dinner at a local farm-to-table restaurant.
We have options for carnivores, and delicious offerings for those who are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. If your group is filled with foodies or people who just love a good meal, you can trust us to plan dining or offsite event that is perfect for you

Let's Work Together

If you’re looking for a professional, experienced, and connected group to plan and produce your event, give us a call today.

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