A Lot of Businesses  

Don't Think They Need Professional Marketing Services

to Reach Their Customers...

Until They Do.

If you are a Business Owner, a Brand Manager, or Creative Director, you've got an important message that needs to reach your customers, both online and in-person.

Do you need help? We can help you communicate more effectively in print or online to position yourself, to get more clients, and ultimately, to increase sales.


With over 35 years of corporate marketing and agency experience, We understand your needs for consumer and B2B marketing that speaks to your clients, customers, or patients.


We also understand that you need your website to be an active part of your marketing efforts. We can help make it more effective.


Call us. Let's talk. Tell us about your issues and concerns.  There's a good chance we've already encountered something similar!  We are available for projects, both large and small, from online blogs and newsletters to strategic development.

JBS Marketing Communications, LLC
Marketing communications consultant,  copywriter, designer, and lead generation specialist.